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Pressure loss

This module computes linear head losses in a circular pipe with the following laws:

The following values can be computed:

  • Flow (m3/s)
  • Pipe diameter (m)
  • Total pressure loss (m)
  • Pipe length (m)
  • Singular head loss coefficient

The total pressure loss is the sum of linear losses \(J_{lin}\), according to the used law, and singular losses \(J_{loc}\) depending on the above coefficient.

Singular pressure loss

\[ J_{loc} = K_{loc} \frac{V^2}{2g}\]

Given :

  • \(K_{loc}\) : singular head loss coefficient
  • \(V\) : water speed in the pipe (\(V = 4 Q / \pi / D^2\))

Linear head loss coefficient

\[ K_{lin} = \frac{2g J_{lin}}{V^2} \]

Darcy head loss coefficient

\[ f_D = \frac{2g J D}{l_T V^2} \]