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Baffle fishway (or baffle fishway) setup

This module allows to dimension a baffle fishway. Supported baffle fishway types are:

See all the formulas used for baffle fishways.

Hydraulic setup

This tool allows to calculate one of the following values:

  • flow through the pass (m3/s);
  • upstream head (m);
  • pass width (m) for plane and Fatou types.

Given the following mandatory parameters:

  • pass type (Plane, Fatou, superactive, mixed);
  • slope (m/m).

Parameter "Space between baffles (m)" is optional. When not given, its standard value is calculated. When given, if its value deviates by more than 10% from standard value, an error is generated.

Altimetric setup

Altimetric setup parameters (upstream water level and downstream water level) are optional and allow to calculate:

  • pass length in horizontal projection and following the slope
  • number of baffles
  • apron and spilling elevations, upstream and downstream
  • rake height of upstream side walls

Generating a baffle fishway simulation module

Results of an altimetrically setup pass may be used to generate a baffle fishway simulation module, using the ad hoc button.