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Presentation of Cassiopée software

General characteristics

Cassiopée is a software dedicated to rivers hydraulics with especially some help for sizing fish passes, agricultural hydraulics and open-channel hydraulics in general. It comes in the form of independent calculation modules allowing one to solve a given problem. Calculation modules may be chained (parameters or calculation results may be "linked" from one module to another) in order to build complex calculation chains. Users may locally save the modules they use, in order to reuse them later.

Pre-requisites - installation

Cassiopée does not require any installation. It is available online using an up-to-date browser (tested with Firefox, Chrome and Chromium) by navigating to the following address:

Offline versions are availble (Windows, Linux, macOS, Android) at the following address :


Download documentation in PDF format

Download illustrated quick start guide (in french) in PDF format

Support and bug reports

To be kept informed of Cassiopée news or to benefit from the Cassiopée users' support network, subscribe to the Cassiopée users' mailing list:

To report a bug in the application, please use the "Report an issue" link in the main menu of the application or write directly to

For questions concerning the design of fish crossing structures for upstream (basin, retarder, macro-roughness) and downstream migrations, please contact Sylvain Richard, pole OFB-IMFT Écohydraulique,